About That Tobacco Tax Increase, Umm Yea, We Forgot A Few Things

Eventually this state is going to run out of things to tax and regulate but for now State Senator Jamie Eldridge is content with taxing the five old men who still smoke pipe tobacco. Eldridge, along with several other legislators, is pushing a bill that will increase taxes on all tobacco products because they forgot to include anything other than cancersticks in the last tobacco tax increase.

Unlike the proposed tax increases on everything else that is bad for you like sugar, gasoline and fizzy water, this tax increase is all-but-guaranteed to pass because it impacts tobacco smokers. The tobacco smoker in Massachusetts, whether it’s cigarettes or cigars, is a second class citizen in the eyes of Beacon Hill pols. You’re just a cash machine that they can always hit up; the only reason cigarettes are still legal in the Commonwealth is because the state needs the damn revenue to fund “health programs” aimed at the children.  

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