Turnpike approves toll increase

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The Globe-Democrat is reporting that the Turnpike Authority has approved a toll increase for tolls within the 128 belt:


The story does have some priceless quotes:

The toll hikes, approved on a 4-1 vote, could eventually cost commuters hundreds of dollars per year. In the meantime, the complex plan is likely to baffle them.

When I don’t take the T, I drive to my job in Allston. That means I must pay the tolls to enter Allston. In one year, I went from paying $1 to $1.50. If I drive to work twice a week, this will cost me $6 to go to work, instead of $4.

Any plan that involves government and complexity is, of course, going to be baffling.

Board members said both of the increases can be averted if the Legislature increases the gas tax before they take effect. If the Legislature raises the gas tax after tolls go up, the toll increases will be rolled back, they promised.

Since when does the government fulfill promises? This is going to be a bigger revenue stream for the massive debt that is owed on the Big Dig. Why would they roll back the toll increase while the gas tax is increased? I promise they’ll never do that.

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