Thank you for making January 2009 our Best Month Ever

I want to take a moment to thank you our members, and lurkers, for making January 2009 our best month yet.  We are at the tipping point here at Red Mass Group.  The vision that Patrick and I had when talking about this site in late 2006 and his going through with setting it up is close to coming to reality.  That vision was to have a place for conservatives and libertarians to come together to not only talk about politics but to organize to make a difference in Massachusetts.  

I think it is no small coincidence that our building success is coinciding with the chairmanship of Jennifer Nassour.   Jenn comes from the grass roots, she is embracing us with open arms.  I plan on having Red Mass Group become the place where conservative grass roots activists come to learn what is going on and to make a difference.  Well on to the numbers.

We track visitors using two web tracking services.  The first is Stat Counter, which is also how Blue Mass Group tracks their visitors.  The BMG Traffic Report is made avalaible to the public.  Patrick still has the keys to our traffic report and I will be making that public shortly.  Google Analytics is another tool we use.  I tend to trust Google Analytics numbers more than Stat Counter for an accurate number of visits and visitors.  But for trending vs. BMG Stat Counter is our only measure.

Below you will see a chart of our total visits for every month since October of 2007.  

We are seeing close to 200% month over month growth over the past couple of months.  This is a testament to you our members, and our new editors.  I am excited about this growth.  Our total number of visits for January of 2009 was 15,658 accoring to Google Analytics and our pageviews were around 73,000.  Both of those numbers are our highest yet.

If you take a look at a stat counter trending below you’ll see that RMG is growing at an exponential pace since March of 2007 vs. BMG.  The axis are different on the graph.  The left axis is BMG while the right axis is RMG.  We are at about 1/4 the traffic of BMG based on StatCounter numbers. Which is significantly better than the 1/10 we were when this whole project started.

Again I thank you for making RMG the place it is and I look forward to sharing these numbers with you monthly.

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