Springfield Democratic City Committee Fined by OCPF

The Springfield Democratic City Committee was fined by the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Finance (OCPF) for failing to file timely campaign finance reports.  The committee has also been put on an enhanced reporting schedule.  This is according to a press release from OCPF issued yesterday.

The Springfield Democratic City Committee, which repeatedly failed to file timely campaign finance reports from 2004 to 2008, has agreed to an enhanced reporting schedule with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance and has paid a civil forfeiture of $1,800 to the state, according to an agreement between the committee and OCPF.

The committee’s year-end campaign finance reports were months late each year from 2004 to 2008, and its pre-primary and pre-election reports were also consistently filed late.

Local party committees are required to file campaign finance reports if either its expenditures, receipts or liabilities exceed $100 in a reporting period.  The committee’s financial activity was substantially greater than $100 during all of the years under review.

The 2007 year-end report also disclosed that the committee received eight contributions from business corporations in violation of state campaign finance law.

The committee paid a civil forfeiture of $1,800 to the state’s general treasury, and to ensure future compliance, has agreed to file one additional campaign finance report in 2009 and two in 2010, according to the agreement.  The committee also agreed to submit all bank statements to OCPF to accompany its campaign finance reports and will make available, within 10 days, any supporting documentation requested by OCPF.

The disposition agreement, which is attached, was signed by OCPF Director Michael J. Sullivan and committee officers E. Henry Twiggs, chairman, and Vera V. O’Connor, treasurer.

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