Sen. Tisei – “The taxman comes knocking”

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    There is another “Your View” in today’s edition of the Standard-Times and that is by Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei discussing Governor Patrick’s plan to tax, tax, tax, fee, and tax Massachusetts residents into oblivion.  

   I joked with Sen. Tisei at the last State Committee meeting that my district, which regrettably is dominated by Mark Montigny, could use being honorarily adopted by our successful MassGOP Legislative Caucus.  Tisei laughed & commented that he would the task.  While I’m sure that Richard Tisei sent this piece out across the Commonwealth it does put a smile on this Republican’s face to see the opinion piece see print here in the SouthCoast.  

    Tisei’s piece is titled “The taxman comes knocking” and can be found at…

Ben Franklin once observed, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Most long-suffering Massachusetts taxpayers are familiar with this saying, as well as Judge Gideon J. Tucker’s 1866 statement, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe when the Legislature is in session.” If Governor Patrick has his way, everyone will soon know that both statements still ring true.

To help close out a $1.1 billion shortfall in this year’s budget, and to address a projected $3 billion deficit for the new fiscal year that begins on July 1, Patrick is counting on the Legislature to quickly approve a host of new taxes. Lots of taxes. At least $587 million worth, at last count.

Hold on to your wallets. Rather than pursuing reforms and ways to make government more efficient, the Patrick administration’s first response for addressing our fiscal crisis is to just tax, tax, tax.

    The entire piece can be found at…

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