RMG Poll & Open Thread: The Best Conservative-Themed Films Of The Last 25 Years By NRO

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National Review Online (NRO) recently conducted a survey on which movies made over the last 25 years would be considered the best in terms of expressing/exhibiting conservative themes. This was the final tally:

25. Gran Torino

24. Team America: World Police

23. United 93

22. Brazil

21. Heartbreak Ridge

20. Gattaca

19. We Were Soldiers

18. The Edge

17. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

16. Master and Commander

15. Red Dawn

14. A Simple Plan

13. Braveheart

12. The Dark Knight

11. The Lord of the Rings

10. Ghostbusters

09. Blast from the Past

08. Juno

07. The Pursuit of Happyness

06. Groundhog Day

05. 300

04. Forrest Gump

03. Metropolitan

02. The Incredibles

01. The Lives of Others

Now that NRO has spoken, do the members of Red Mass Group (RMG) feel the same way about the selections? From the NRO list, does the RMG membership agree with the order in which said movies were placed? Please vote for your favorite conservative-themed movies as listed by NRO (NOTE: you can vote for more than one movie) & use the open thread to cite a movie not on the NRO list which you feel should have been mentioned. Please list your reason(s) why the movie(s) you cite should have been an obvious selection as a conservative-themed movie (without producing blisters on your fingertips as you type away). Have fun. Ciao!

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