Obama’s FEMA sends Salmonella peanut butter to Kentucky

Poor Barack Obama is very quickly finding out that running a government isn’t as easy as he thought.  It seems that he doesn’t have a lot of time to bring about change given the level and expansive nature of the existing incompetence.

Food kits sent to Kentucky as part of the ice storm relief apparantly contained salmonella tainted peanut butter packets.  Read about it here: http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH…

The story is funny (not ha-ha funny) for a couple reasons.  First, it seems that history is repeating itself and this event is a strange reminder of the Katrina debacle that the left-leaning media tagged former President Bush with.  If Obama comes out and says “Nice job Brownie’ then it is complete.  Secondly, it is funny because this same President has promised to spend countless billions to fight global warming – at the same time he is sending food rations to Kentucky to give relief to ice entrenched countrysides.

I guess the hardest thing Obama will have to manage in this situation is to recall the emergency food supplies.  I want to be there when he says “Hey, give me back that emergency food supply as it may kill you – it’s probably better if you starve”.

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