Obama on collision course with military over Iraq?

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Rick Moran in the American Thinker has a great story on whether or not America is on a collision course with Iraq.

In other words, Obama is ignoring the advice of his generals on the ground in Iraq as well as the military minds at the Pentagon and is going ahead anyway with his withdrawal plans.

It is very difficult to gauge what the generals might do to show their opposition to Obama. Will there be resignations? There have been very few generals who have stepped down in recent years over policy differences with the Commander in Chief. There is a code followed by these gentlemen that would prevent them from showing up Obama unless they were absolutely convinced that his actions would endanger their men. I don’t think a disagreement over what amounts to a political decision by the president would trigger any mass resignations. Then again…

There may be a few officers who would be so opposed to a sped up withdrawal that they would take the drastic step of publicly breaking with Obama and resigning. The key, of course, is Petreaus. He has become a genuine American hero as a result of his leadership in bringing us to the cusp of victory in Iraq. Would he resign if he thought all of his hard work had gone for naught as a result of a premature American withdrawal? Again, it is very hard to say because we don’t have all the details but there is a possibility that could happen. If it does, it would almost certainly open the floodgates and Obama would have a real crisis in the military on his hands.

Please go to the American Thinker to read the whole article.

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