Now What?

President Obama told us several times during the last couple of weeks that without passage of the economic stimulus bill, the United States would lose over 50,000 jobs per day. Well, seeing how the bill was passed last Friday night, had he signed it into law with the urgency previously espoused, he could have saved almost a quarter of a million jobs by the time he’ll ceremoniously sign it today in Denver.

That puts mucho doubt in my mind of how serious he was, how bad off the economy really is, and how certain of success Washington, D.C. is about the potential of this gargantuan bill.

From what we know of it (thus far), much of this bill doesn’t kick in until 2010, which just happens to be the year of the midterm elections. I’ve always been suspicious of road projects that mysteriously appear every two years, mere months before we go to the polls. Imagine that on a state and national scale.

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