Newburyport’s First Committee Meeting a Success!

The Newburyport Republican City Committee hosted their 2009 kick-off meeting on Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm at Michael’s Harborside.  Many people braved the snow to attend.  Sheriff Frank Cousins,  John Rancho, Republican State Chairman, and Richard Baker, Chairman of the West Newbury Republican Town Committee were among the honored guests.  Larry Giunta, Meeting Organizer and author of Newburyport’s Voice ( welcomed guests, members, and new people.  He also presented a proposed action plan for 2009 and solicited feedback from members. John Rancho gave a presentation on how to organize Newburyport Ward Committees.  Richard Baker gave a presentation on future Republican events.  It was good to know that there were so many opportunities to participate and rebuild, planning for a new tomorrow.

Congratulations to Wards 3 and 5 for being well on their way to being organized.  Also, congratulations to the new ward officers.  The Newburyport Republican City Committee looks forward to organizing the other six wards.  Republicans interested in participating as ward officers should email Larry at  Feedback on the Proposed Action Plan should also be emailed to this address.

The Newburyport Republican City Committee welcomes members, new Republicans from Newburyport, and visiting Republicans from neighboring areas.  If you subscribe to the Newburyport Voice blog, you’ll get regular updates and notices of future meetings and events.

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