New From The NRSC:

The NRSC launched a new website today The, focusing on the outrageous Porkulus bill.  They kicked it off with this web ad.  The site details the Pork Projects contained in Porkulus and has a Rhetoric vs. Record section highlighting what Dems have stated on economic issues vs. how they voted.

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  • Why was it that a $9 trillion dollar national debt was tolerable, but a $10 trillion dollar debt is now intolerable?

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    Calling a pork-barrel spending bill a “Stimulus Bill” makes it almost impossible to vote against.  All federal and state bills should be known simply by their House or Senate number and nothing else.  The Democrats called this a ‘stimulus’ bill and the average citizen assumed that was what it was about – stimulus.  It wasn’t.  I wonder how many Democrats would have voted for it had it been named the “Your kids will have to pay for this one day” bill.

    A very good video by the way……