Needham Teen & Sen. Scott Brown File Bill to Project Animals from Needless Vocal Surgery

     Republican State Senator Scott Brown is busy helping a Needham teen tackle an important, if generally overlooked, issue of treating animals humanely.  It may not be a big budgetary issue but Logan’s Law is a bipartisan issue that I believe we should thank Scott Brown, but especially 15-year-old Jordan Star, for bringing not just to our attention via the Boston Herald but to the floor of the legislature.

    Thank you Jordan, Scott, & Rep. Harkins!

Needham High freshman Jordan Star doesn’t claim he can talk to the animals, but as the surprise driving force behind a bill to outlaw the surgical silencing of dogs and cats, the teen is doing a fine job speaking on their behalf.…

Under his proposed law, to which Democratic House Majority Whip Lida E. Harkins and Republican Sen. Scott P. Brown have signed on as sponsors, devocalization would be illegal in Massachusetts unless a veterinarian licensed in this state certified for a town clerk or, in Boston, the police commissioner, that the operation was a medical necessity.

(Photo by John Wilcox as found in the Monday, February 2, 2009 edition of the Boston Herald).

VOICE FOR DOGS: Jordan Star and Sen. Scott Brown, who is co-sponsoring the high school freshman’s bill to outlaw devocalization surgery for dogs, meet to discuss Logan’s Law, which is named after a debarked sheepdog adopted by Gayle and Tom…

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