MassGOP Press Release: Bury The “Shovel Ready” Projects – Patrick Failing To Help Economy, Families

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February 11th, 2009                                                  

Bury The “Shovel Ready” Projects

Patrick Failing To Help Economy, Families

Boston, MA – The Massachusetts Republican Party today issued the following statement regarding the Democratic feeding frenzy on Beacon Hill over the anticipated federal tax dollars in the so-called “stimulus package.”

MassGOP Chair Jennifer Nassour said, “Today, Governor Patrick cements his reputation as a tax-and-spend liberal.  After proposing six tax increases this year alone, he will now oversee a Democratic spending spree on projects that will have no real long-term economic benefit and make highly dubious claims of job creation.  Governor Patrick has failed to address our economic crisis and has instead decided the families of Massachusetts should pay more taxes when they can afford it the least.”

“Instead of spending money on the outrageous pet projects of political allies, Patrick should be trying to lighten the tax burden on workers and employers, which is the best way to stimulate this economy.  When they use the term “shovel ready,” it actually means these projects are so wasteful they should be immediately buried and forgotten,” concluded Nassour.

Some Examples Of Proposed “Shovel Ready” Projects

It won’t create jobs, but in the name of ‘public safety’…

Brockton wants to spend $75,000 on “10 Segway X2 Police Units.” Brockton projects this will create ZERO jobs.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to spend…

Malden wants $265,000 for “Renovation of Ferryway Park including re-grading and additions and extension of site drainage systems to allow proper drainage of the playing surface, reconstruction of the existing natural grass softball/baseball field and mult.”

$500,000 for 4, 10, or 25 Jobs?

Rebuilding the RStreetBridge in Amesbury – Projected Cost $500,000 – Projected Jobs? 25.

Masonry Repairs at Engine 41 in Boston – Projected Cost $500,000 – Projected Jobs? 4.

Courthouse Parking Lot in Chicopee – Projected Cost $500,000 – Projected Jobs? 10.

Which one is the better deal?

The City of Haverhill projects that they could spend either:

$2,000,000 to replace a water main, creating 10 jobs…

Or $20,000 for street draining, creating 20 jobs.

Is that all you need?

Lynn says that $10,000 for the purchase of a “Fire Dispatch Instant Recorder” will create one job.

Source: United States Conference of Mayors, 1/17/09


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