MassGOP: Leading by Example for Mass Dems to Follow?

     Massachusetts Republican Party Chairwoman, Jennifer Nassour, is not currently accepting a salary & she made such a pledge well known during her candidacy for office.

    Perhaps our new MassGOP leader, and former Governor Mitt Romney, are role models for the Massachusetts Democratic Party?!  Let me explain!

    Today’s Boston Herald is reporting that George Barnoski (Somerville) of the Massachusetts Democrat State Committee is calling upon Mass Dem Chair John Walsh & Gov. Deval Patrick to take pay cuts!  

Somerville Democratic committee member George Barnoski called the party “hypocritical” for paying party chairman John Walsh $75,000 – a $25,000 hike from his 2008 salary.

“I think it speaks volumes of hypocrisy to tell everyone we need to tighten the belts when we’re paying someone $75,000 for a second job,” he said, noting Walsh also runs his own business.

Barnoski also called on Patrick to forego his salary, like Romney. The move came a day after Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino took a voluntary 3 percent pay cut.

The governor has declined pay raises but has refused to work for free like Romney. A Patrick spokesman declined to comment.…

    MassDem Chairman Walsh is going to follow the wishes of their State Committee, as they set his salary.  Our former MassGOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen voluntarily halved his salary last year.

    The MassGOP shall lead, the MassDems can only follow.

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