MassGOP Blasts Gov. Patrick for CA Trip

     Here are some quotes from today’s edition of the Boston Herald by State Senators Scott Brown & Bob Hedlund.…

Gov. Deval Patrick’s West Coast excursion to lure California businesses to Massachusetts is bringing laughs to Bay State Republicans.

“Every time I hear Gov. Patrick’s commercial about the ‘Massachusetts: It’s All Here,’ I think it’s a miracle that anyone’s still doing business here,” said Scott Brown, a Wrentham Republican.

But Republicans say the chief executive’s time would be better spent reversing his administration’s anti-business policies. They point to high unemployment insurance rates, a lengthy construction permitting process and unfavorable tax proposals.

Robert Hedlund, a Republican from Weymouth, doubts the trip will bring results. “I can’t fault him for trying, but it’s a waste of time,” he said. “Companies will not be persuaded by some guy who comes out to schmooze them.”…

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