Mass GOP Blast Gov. Patrick’s Stimulus Chief

Republican lawmakers sharply criticized yesterday Governor Deval Patrick’s choice of real estate developer Jeffrey A. Simon to oversee the distribution of billions of dollars in federal stimulus money, citing the state pension he has been receiving since he was fired from his job at a state development agency in the mid-1990s.

“Symbolically, the governor couldn’t have picked a worse person for the position,” said Senate minority leader Richard R. Tisei of Wakefield. “It highlights what’s wrong with Massachusetts government, people cashing out and serving their own interest, instead of the public interest.

“This is the person who will be distributing all the federal stimulus money,” Tisei said. “Doesn’t it make you feel a little unsure the money is going to be spent properly?”

Said House minority leader Bradley H. Jones Jr.: “I have to think with the nature of the economy and the people being laid off that there was someone they could have chosen who didn’t bring the pension issue with them. It speaks to the vetting. Either they didn’t know or should have known. Or they did know and thought he was so exceptional they didn’t care. Shame on them either way.”…

There is much more to the article in the Boston Globe at GOP hits Patrick stimulus chief

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