John Volpe – a Stand up proud Republican.

 Joan Vennochi's piece in the Globe today reminded me why I started out Republican admiring both Leverett and Bill Saltonstall, Frank Sargent and  Ed Brooke. All stand up, proud Republicans able to connect to the working class. 

John Volpe campaigned for governor in 1964 on the sales tax and defeated Lieutenant Governor Frank Bellotti, a Democrat, who opposed it. Volpe sent his sales tax bill to the Legislature seven times before it passed, with key backing from the business community. He was reelected in 1966.

I remember John Volpe and Elliot Richardson traveling the state proposing a 3% increase in the sales tax to help cities and towns and to relieve them of administering public welfare. They also argued passionately about the need to bring our mental health sytem into the 20th century. Volpe signed the increase in the sales tax in March of 1966- an election year and went on to win with a huge majority against Eddy McCormick. 

BTW, the sales tax campaign was endored by the Globe……


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