Inflation, Here We Come!

A truly frightening look at how the supply of Dollars has exploded over the last few months.  From the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve.

To give a comparison, that little blip around 1990 is the First Gulf War.

According to $1.00 in 1775 had the purchasing power of $1.11 in 1912.  So in 137 years, a dollar  lost 10% of it’s value.  $1.00 in 1913 had the purchasing power of $22.90 in 2008.  The dollar has lost 96% of it’s purchasing power in 95 years.  

1913 was the year the Federal Reserve was created.

That is the Power and Folly of Paper.

What’s another $900,000,000,000 between friends?  It’s only Money.  The Government can always print more, right?  

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