In the News 2/1/09

GOP Sen. Gregg Obama’s Main Pick For Commerce….

Job situation worsens in Bay State

The office reported Jan. 22 that December’s unemployment rate was 6.9 percent, a full percentage point above November’s rate of 5.9 percent. The Massachusetts jobless rate has been consistently below the national level, but December’s numbers brought the state even closer to the national rate of 7.2 percent. The last time unemployment in Massachusetts was 6.9 percent was October 1993.…

Deval’s 2010 Budget Fiasco

$375 million cut in local aid – sure to trigger city and town public safety layoffs and other service reductions.

The budget also calls for $587 million in new taxes, including expanding the state’s 5 cents-per-can bottle bill to plain and flavored water, coffee-based drinks and juices and sports drinks. Registry of Motor Vehicle fees would be hiked by $75 million, although fees for hybrid vehicles would be cut to encourage their purchase.

In addition, the budget relies on another $489 million withdrawal from the rainy day fund – which would reduce its balance to roughly $845 million….…

More Liberal Media Bias

‘Perfect guy’ hailed as state House speaker

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Robert DeLeo, the new Massachusetts House speaker, is thoughtful, industrious, straightforward and low-key, a former Winthrop selectman who understands local government and knows his way around all of Massachusetts….…

If Gregg goes into the cabinet, that is a brilliant move for Obama and potentially crushing for the GOP.  It could get the GOP down to 40, no filibuster.  It also takes one of the most intelligent economic people in Washington and flips him to an ally.  NH has a Dem Governor to fill the seat.  NH has been trending poorly and will likely lock that seat up for the Dems in 2010 regardless of the appointment.  Gregg is already vulnerable and he knows it.  Because of this, he just might take it.

Massachusetts continues to do the worst job handling a national (really global) recession.  We almost always have unemployment rates much lower than the national average.  Under Deval’s one party rule that has been changing in a dramatic way.

Some playbook from Deval:  Raise taxes, massive deificit, raid the “rainy day” fund to cover it, massive cuts in local aid.  Special interest groups and public unions that run the Democratic Party keep every nickle.  What else is new?

In some ways I love the Daily Hampshire Gazette.  Out in Western Mass, the fig leaf of real journalism has been gone for a long time.  What most people have seen more recently with Obama has been out in the open there for many years.

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