I Want My 4% Obamamortgage

How do I apply?

We have been trying to refinance for the past six months to take advantage of the supposedly low interest rates, but as of yet we have not been able to find anything less than 5.6% for a 30 year fixed (same as 3 years ago).

We are repeatedly denied the low advertised rates because my credit rating is just a tad below the targeted 800.

Now I see on TV that Obama will be sponsering 4% mortgages for some or all deadbeats.

I dont care about the “cramdown” provisions Obama is floating because we havent been taking equity out of the house annualy and actualy do have some, but a 4% mortgage rate appeals to me especialy with the killer property taxes always getting worse.

Can I just cry poverty to get one of these mortgages or do I actualy have to stop paying my bills?

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