How Far Can You Go In 33 Minutes?

While Congress ponders how best to squander your tax dollars, they do have a Constitutional mandate that often gets pushed to the back burner. To “provide for the common defense” should be the primary mission of the President and Congress, for without it, there may be no need to debate any other issues.  One of the programs targeted by the left, SDI often known as ‘Star Wars”, has proven to be an effective missile defense as it has moved through the development stages.

Now, with more hostile nations flexing their ballistic missile muscles and developing nuclear weapon capabilities, SDI needs to grow. This trailer to the movie “33 Minutes” shows why.

For those of you who may have forgotten, here is what our President promised as a candidate:

Looking to spend some tax money and create jobs?  Why don’t we start by getting our military and national defense needs to the levels we must have to protect this nation.  Obama can kill two birds with one stone, creating jobs and fulfilling his Constitutional responsibility to protect this country

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