Hey Senator Kerry – show us the money!

The week before November’s re-election of the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, an article appeared on the front page of the Agawam Advertiser News touting City Councilor Robert Rossi’s “assurances” that Senator John Kerry would “find” the federal dollars needed to help finance the long-awaited sewer expansion project in the southwest section of Agawam.

As you may recall, Kerry was running for re-election to his Senate seat against his Republican rival, Jeff Beatty.  Mr. Beatty had a dedicated group of individuals in Agawam actively campaigning for him.

Now that President Obama signed his “stimulus” plan into law, Senator Kerry is, of course, no where to be found in Massachusetts.  In stead, he went to Syria to discuss foreign relations.  Interesting that Senator Kerry found his way to Damascus, but not to Agawam, Massachusetts with the promised funds.  

All we heard about for weeks is the desire to fund “shovel-ready” projects to help stimulate the economy and “create” jobs.  Here in Agawam, plans have been on the burner since the 1970’s to complete expansion of the sewer system into the Feeding Hills section of town.  Permits are in-hand, plans have been drawn up and Phase I has been approved.  How more “shovel-ready” can a project be?

So, to Senator Kerry, this Agawam Girl says, SHOW US THE MONEY!  Or, could it be that what appeared in the Agawam Advertiser was just pandering for votes?  Say it ain’t so!    

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    John ‘Liveshot’ Kerry is far too important to spend his time with the ‘chattering class’ of Agawam.  John Kerry didn’t get reelected to work for the common folks.  He got reelected to help the world.  John Kerry is a global leader and needs to spend his time flying about the Middle East working to rescue Hamas and other kinds of ‘freedom fighters’ from the evil awful United States.

    Maybe when he gets back he will give a public speech and mention the name ‘Agawam’ as a favor to his constituency.

  • Exactly my point! Hamas is more of a constituent for John Kerry than the Citizens of Massachusetts…he already announced his re-election bid in 6 years…let’s finally give him the boot, we have 6 years to prepare!