Hey Guv! How many $100K+ people does it take to spend $8B?

Coming on the heels of the announcement that the dubious pension grabber, and formerly fired for cause, Jeffrey Simon is making $150K as the Governors “spending czar”, we find out that there’s another $100K position to dole out the cash.  Today’s Boston Herald is reporting that Bernard Cohen’s former chief of staff at the department of transportation has been held on to oversee stimulus spending.

Gov. Deval Patrick, who is considering a gas tax increase between $.05 to $.29 a gallon, is expected to announce his transportation plan Wednesday. His former transportation secretary, Bernard Cohen, who resigned in December, has continued to work for the state making $34,000 as a consultant. Cohen’s chief of staff, Amy Branger, retained her $100,000 salary and is helping transportation officials apply the federal stimulus cash expected to flood the Bay State.

People all over the world join hands, it’s a pork train a pork train.

This brings the total amount of money being spent on stimulus spending to $650K.  I guess you’ve got to spend government money to make government money right?  

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