Governor’s Councillor Tom Merrigan Upset Judge May Protect the Public

File this one under, Only-In-Massachusetts, or perhaps maybe Berklee.  Governor’s Councillor Tom Merrigan (D) questioned Judicial nominee Gary Inge about being too willing to “protect the public”.  The Boston Herald has the story.

A governor’s councilor this week pilloried a judicial nominee who said he’d bend over backward to protect law-abiding residents – essentially accusing the would-be judge of being too tough on crime.

Garry V. Inge, who was nominated by Gov. Deval Patrick to the Superior Court bench in Boston, withstood a withering line of questions by Councilor Tom Merrigan on Wednesday after writing in his application that judges should sentence criminals “to maximize the protection of the public.”

Merrigan, a Democrat, quickly pounced on the statement.

“You said something here that concerned me . . . about whenever possible to maximize protection. What does that mean?” Merrigan said. “Are you going to be presumptively in favor of protecting the public?”

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