Gov. Deval Patrick, Courtesy of Special Interests

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The Democratic state party has shelled out nearly $600,000 for Gov. Deval Patrick’s consultants and galas using donations from a little-known campaign account funded largely by lobbyists and special-interest groups.

The Seventy First Fund – named because Patrick is the 71st governor – raises money on behalf of the governor and the state party. But it allows special-interest contributors to give a maximum $5,500 – 11 times the limit for typical campaign accounts per year.

The fund raised some $467,000 for the state party in 2008, nearly $300,000 of which went to pay Patrick’s campaign bills, such as a $9,000 rental tab at the State Room for a fund-raiser. It also raised $388,000 in 2007 – $339,000 of which went to Patrick.…

“They’re resorting to subterfuge to build the party and advance candidates,” said Tufts University political professor Jeff Berry.…

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  • benwetmore

    and how, one wonders, can a governor with such clear favors to pay to people like this institute nickel and dime tax hikes fairly?  of course he’s going to benefit his benefactors more than the apolitical company.

    the whole taxing system without a clear fair tax or some sort of flat tax free from the corruption found in selective taxation is the only remedy to government corruption.

    the tax code, both federal, state and local only serves to reward the thieves who control it and profit from it.