GOP Caucus Fights Dem Voter Fraud

BOSTON – Frustrated over a lack of penalties for so-called “phantom voting,” House Republicans have notified other members they will go public with a complaint if they find a House member voting for an absent member….

…State Rep. George N. Peterson Jr., R-Grafton, argued on the House floor that with ethics incidents already known to the public, the finding of the committee that investigates the ethics complaint should be made public. Other findings of the committee that are usually not reported publicly would not have been affected by the rule change and would remain secret.

…State Rep. Paul K. Frost, R-Auburn, said despite public demands for more openness, the GOP rules “were shot down” by Democrats because they “did not want to take responsibility for their own actions.”…

I would put this entire article from the Worcester Telegram and Gazette here if I could.  I encourage everyone to read it.  

The entire Republican House caucus should be applauded for this stance.  The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for openly supporting voter fraud in a virtually party line vote.  

Their concern of “frivolous cases” is a joke.  I’m sure to the Democrats illegally casting someone else’s vote happens all the time.  In their world dealing with those pesky votes is quite a nuisance.  In their minds, the best way to deal with their own open voter fraud is by keeping all oversight in the hands of their own party bosses.

Of course, we already know the Dems like voter fraud.  They love using stimulus money to fund ACORN.  They love having people register to vote dozens of times.  They love havin gdead people vote.  They love people voting without showing any ID.  They love registering non-citizens and having them illegal vote in our elections.

Where is the outrage?

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