Flashback to 1937

A open letter from Barry Goldwater to FDR printed in the Phoenix Gazette. Excerpted from Pure Goldwater

Guest Editorial: “A Fireside Chat with Mr. Roosevelt” (June 19, 1937)

My friend: You have, for over five years, been telling me about your plans; how much they were going to do for me; how much they were going to mean to me. Now I want to turn around and ask you just what have they done that would be of any value to me as a businessman and a citizen?  

Your plans, if I recall 1932 correctly, called for economy in government and a reduction in taxes. In five years you have spent more than this government of ours spent in its entire history before 1932. In five years my taxes have increased over 250 percent and I fear greatly that “I ain't seen half of it yet.”


Somewhere in your planning you thought it necessary to jump down the throats of everyone in business and where has it gotten you? No place. Instead of the businessman having confidence in you today, he distrusts you and fears your every utterance.  Now you are going to prime the pump—but are you? Isn't that money really going to prime a few votes? Will it get into the channels of business or will it get into weak districts?

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