Even now, Chappaquiddick is not an issue…….

The Boston Globe has been running a Ted Kennedy series spotlighting some of the Sr Senator’s most talked about moments of his career.  Yet, with today’s edition, read it here http://www.boston.com/news/nat…  The newspaper still refuses to ask any questions of the Senator and why he walked, skipped, or ran away from the poor girl that suffered so horribly as she drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car.

The Globe story tells of a young, nimble politician that wrestled with the ethical implications of his actions, and yet who never once made any real attempt to contact the Kopechne family and apologize for the taking of their daughter’s life.

He drew what he believed was his last breath.

And then, somehow, he escaped, “pushing, pressing, and coming up to the surface” with “no idea in the world how I got out of that car.”

He would recall being swept away by the tide, calling out Kopechne’s name as he drifted. He said he recovered his footing and waded back to the car through waist-deep water, guided by the glow of the headlights underwater.

He dove below the surface, trying to get to Kopechne. He failed, and tried again, seven or eight times in all. By then he was exhausted, barely able to hold his breath.

Finally, he let himself float away. He crawled onto shore and lay there, coughing and gasping. Then he staggered up the bank and started back up Dike Road, “walking, trotting, jogging, stumbling, as fast as I possibly could.”

His story sounds heroic.  Kennedy tells of how desperately he tried to save the life of the young woman.  This man we know as the lion of the Senate couldn’t seem to muster enough energy, in the prime of his life, to wade into hip deep water and pull a drowning girl from the shallow water – why?

The truth is that Ted Kennedy had something to hide all these years.  Was he drunk?, Was he raping her?, Was he going to rape her? Was he trying to get her drunk?  We will never know.  But there was something so horrible that he decided he must hide it even to this very day.  Any mention of the incident is ignored by Kennedy or any one of his staff.

A woman died on that dark night back so many years ago.  She could have been saved had anyone with a morsel of character been there.  Ted Kennedy, who admits driving the car was not man enough to make every effort possible to save her life.  “It was too dark, it was too cold, there was too much water, there was too much current”.  So on that night Ted Kennedy went back to being Ted Kennedy and the Kopechne family lost a child.  For the Kennedys there was hardly an interuption to bother with.  Ted was famous and known around the world.  Mary Jo Kopechne was no one.  Why should Ted have to suffer because he was behind the wheel?

Through almost every presidential election since John F Kennedy was killed we are asked to reflect upon the greatness of the Kennedy legacy.  Never are we asked to consider what might have become of a young woman named Mary Jo Kopechne?  What were her aspirations?  What did she want for this world?  Why was her life so unimportant to the Kennedys?

On the left of the political spectrum we have scores of individuals that are praying for Ted Kennedy’s rapid recovery from the brain disease that plagues him.  Do any of them pray for the Kopechne family?

The true measure of a man is what he does when no one is looking.  What did Ted Kennedy do when no one was looking?  He ran.  He got out of a sinking car and ran.  He ran away from the poor girl that lay in his car with water filling her lungs.  He ran and didn’t tell the police until the next day.  He told his lawyers instead of the emergency personnel that Kopechne needed.  What would you have done?  I know what I would have done that night.  I would have continued to dive back under that cold murky water until I pulled her body from the wreckage.  I would not have run.  Ted ran.  It has been 40 years Ted – it’s time to make things right.  You may not have much time left to make things right.  Your brain disease may end things sooner than you think and it would be a shame to meet your maker without the truth being known.  Ted, you claim to be a religious man, yet you seem to forget that without seeking foregiveness you will not be granted any yourself.  Will this be the Kennedy legacy?  

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