Dude, Where’s My Inspection Chip & Fiddy Cent Gas Tax?

Governor Cadillac came up with the most awesome idea ever: raise the gas tax and place tracking chips in our inspection stickers. What do we get in return for submitting to higher gas taxes and a decrease in privacy? A most likely bullshit “promise” to tear down the tolls west of Route 128. Hey, remember the promise that the tolls would come down BEFORE I WAS BORN.

The gas tax will increase by 27 cents making our gas tax the highest in the nation at 50.5 cents. What do they do with that half cent anyway? Does that pay for obscenely luscious Turnpike pensions?

After the tolls magically go to the turnpike in the sky what is Cadillac going to do with all the layabouts at the Turnpike? Is he going to put the toll takers on an assembly line inserting chips into inspection stickers? Will they still make $70,000 a year?


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