Don’t Divorce Us video

“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Very effective video, but it attacks a straw man and totally misses the point about the legal meaning of marriage.  No one wants to separate those couples!  But I doubt many people think they should have a right to attempt same-sex conception!  

The video implies that anulling their marriages would tear the family apart, but of course it wouldn’t.  And if the marriages were replaced with Civil Unions that gave all the rights of marriage but the right to conceive children together, they wouldn’t lose any benefits or protections or social approval of their relationship either.  All they’d lose is the right to attempt to conceive together using their own genes.

It’s a highly unethical way to pursuade people to allow same-sex conception and all the other various genetically modified conceptions that would necessarily follow through the door opened wide by same-sex conception.

Those couples, like any infertile couple, don’t need to conceive together in order to have full dignity as a couple.  But those couples also do not need to have the right to try to conceive together, whereas a married man and a woman certainly DO need to have the right to attempt to conceive together to have full human dignity and love and respect.  Insisting that same-sex couples need equal conception rights in order to have full dignity and justice actually insults same-sex couples because it implies that without technology, without Big Pharma and government research and funding, then same-sex couples aren’t equal and can’t claim equal dignity.  And of course there’s no way to symbolically extend the right to do it, but then prohibit the couple from attempting it, so giving the right to do it forces us to allow it and even forces us to research, regulate, and fund same-sex conception and genetic engineering.

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