Deval Patrick – 19 cent gas tax hike.

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Well if anyone was still wondering what to do with their windfall $8 per week tax gain from the federal government stimulus package – Deval Patrick has answered the question for you.  You are going to give it to the despicable Massachusetts state government run by the grossly incompetent Deval Patrick.  Deval Patrick is advancing a state gas tax increase of 19 cents per gallon.  Read about it here:…

Massachusetts will now have one of the highest gas tax rates in the nation.  With a new state tax rate of 42.5 cents per gallon and the federal 18.4 cent per gallon tax our total government share of the price of a gallon of gas is 61 cents.  That means government will get about 29 percent of the revenue generated by gas sales.  That percent is far greater than ‘big oil’s’ share of the profit.

While virtually all economists and commerce experts are suggesting that what we need in this dire economic time is to get more money into the hands of consumers Deval Patrick is running counter to that by taking more money away from consumers.

New Hampshire gas stations will be thrilled at this news knowing that thousands more gas shoppers will now pass over the state lines to fill their tanks with gas that is much lower in price.  Trust me when I say that the $500 million projection by Deval Patrick of increased revenues does not take this into consideration.

I can’t wait for Deval Patrick to leave office.

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