“Create or Save” by the numbers.

I’m going to use Obama’s own numbers for this one.  I am not saying these numbers will become true, just that these are the numbers the President is selling to the public.

He claims his spending bill will “create or save” 3.5 million jobs over the next 2 years.  “Create or save” is convenient because as long as there are still at least 3.5 million jobs left in the country, he can fudge the numbers to make him look right.  Very slick.  He further claims 79,000 of those are Massachusetts jobs.  By these numbers, Massachusetts “gets” 2.26% of the jobs.  


According to the census, the 2008 population estimate for the United States was 304,059,724 and 6,497,967 for Massachusetts.  By these numbers, Massachusetts is approximately 2.14% of the national population.  By population this looks like this is in line with what you would expect and even be slightly better for MA than other states.


However, if we look at who shoulders the tax/debt burden we see a different picture.  Sorry, I had to use 2007 Wikipedia for this one.  According to them, the United States raised $2,674,007,818,000 through taxes, including DC and PR. $74,782,325,000 was taken from us in Massachusetts.  This works out to be approximately 2.80% of the burden.  Overall, Massachusetts ranks 6th in the nation in taxes taken per capita.

For this, and other spending bills the average Massachusetts resident has 31% more taken by the government than the average American citizen.


For Reference, the current census estimate (as of Feb 17) is 305,838,546 people.  However, I could not find a Feb 17 estimate for Massachusetts population from the same source.  For the purposes of an accurate “apples to apples” comparison, I used the 2008 numbers for both.

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