Congress: The New Power Class

 American Thinker editor,  Larrey Anderson on the Machiavellian evolution of Congress and it's impact on our country.  

Traditionally Americans have loved to hate their Congress. But in the last several years our country has changed. Most clear thinking Americans no longer hate our Congress — we now fear it.  The reason for this fear is, and should be, deeply disturbing.

Those who have carefully followed the bailout bills that Congress has recently passed know just how pervasive the corruption has become. But the whole story goes much deeper than mere trillions of dollars. America is losing (or has already lost) its constitutional republic…  

…There was a brief window of opportunity for our elected officials to stop the graft. The Republicans took the majority from the Democrats in Congress in 1994 on the heels of multiple revelations of massive fraud by the Democrats. The Republicans had a plan and a playbook. It was called "Republican Contract with America"…  

…The plan lasted about two years. The Republicans discovered that it was much easier to raise a million dollars by having lunch on K Street, than it was getting 10,000 of their constituents to pop for a hundred bucks each. Republicans reneged on their contract and set about strong arming K Street lobbyists. In short, the Republicans became a more traditional power class, following the historical example set by the Democrats…Read the entire article here

 There is no native criminal class except Congress. – Mark Twain

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