CAGW Names Sen. Kerry “Porker of the Month”

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has named Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) Porker of the Month for his arrogant rationalization of why the American people cannot be trusted with their own money.


On February 6, 2009, Sen. Kerry spoke on the Senate floor in support of the $787 billion stimulus package.  In his speech he said “I have heard a lot of talk about we ought to do a tax cut, we ought to do a tax cut.  I have supported many tax cuts during my years here, and there are tax cuts in this proposal.  But a tax cut is non-targeted.  If you put a tax cut into the hands of either a business or an individual today, there is no guarantee they are going to invest their money.  There is no guarantee that they are going to invest their money in the United States.  They are free to go to invest anywhere they want, if they choose to invest. … The fact is none of those people are guaranteed to invest that money in any of the new projects that we are.  So government yes government has the ability to be able to make a decision that the private sector won’t necessarily make today.”  Sen. Kerry must have been referring to some of government’s most spectacular investment “successes”:  Amtrak, for example, which was supposed to be profitable, yet has lost more than $30 billion since 1970.  Or, closer to home, the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project in Boston, known as the Big Dig, which was supposed to cost $2.8 billion and be completed in seven years but ended up costing $14.6 billion over 15 years.

“Taxpayers should be grateful to Sen. Kerry for at least coming clean,” said CAGW President Tom Schatz.  “He graciously made explicit what many have suspected for years; namely that many members of Congress believe that taxpayers cannot be trusted with their own money and that government is better positioned to make investment and spending decisions.”…

…For his casual infantilization of American taxpayers and for being the chief spokesperson of the new Nanny State on Steroids, CAGW names Sen. John Kerry February Porker of the Month.




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