Brad Jones & Bob Hargraves Blast Gov. Patrick For $550,000 Stimulus Oversight

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A top Republican lawmaker blasted Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday for blowing more than half a million dollars on an outside contractor and a new stimulus-spending czar even before the state has seen a dime of the federal bailout dough.

Patrick is lavishing a $150,000-a-year salary on his new bailout boss, real estate mogul Jeffrey Simon. That largesse comes on top of a $400,000 contract he awarded to the accounting firm Deloitte & Touche to help direct the federal money.

“I certainly want to have oversight of these projects. I guess it’s disappointing we don’t have the talent on hand in house to oversee this kind of money,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading).…

In addition to our House Minority Leader, another Republican legislator Rep. Robert Hargraves stated the following:

“I don’t know where that salary came from, and there are so many people who would volunteer their services,” Hargraves said. “If that was my field and I was already set financially as he is, I would consider it an honor to be tapped and I’d work for free.”…

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