Boston Police Scandal!


Cop Allegedly Provides Escort For Porn Stars


The Boston Police are investigating the alleged misuse of police resources. The officer involved is accused of using his police cruiser to help two gay porn stars get from Logan Airport to the Roxy nightclub in Boston on Oct. 24. I wonder if they were coming to or from shooting a scene for a gay porn site that you can find in abundance on the internet, for example, twinki open website here.

“These allegations are troubling at a time when resources are stretched thin,” said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis.

Officer Larry Craven has been placed on desk duty as the investigation continues….

Is this part of Obama’s stimulus plan?  You know, the Keynesian theory that the government should pay people to dig a hole then fill a hole back up again.  

I’m making a serious point here.  According to Obama’s economic philosophy, government spending will always grow the economy no matter how it is spent.  Wasteful government spending does not exist.  The goal it to spend as much as possible on anything.  Under Obama’s theory, using your tax dollars on stuff like this is a good thing and you should be thankful it is going on.  So much for the budget cutting scalpel.

Of course, I am not blaming Obama for this particular police scandal.  I am using it to illustrate the flawed Keynesian big government thinking.  When this kind of spending is done by the government, we are usually left with some massive infrastructure improvement.  The Hoover Dam.  The Interstate Highway system.  A double fence along our entire southern boarder.  Obama gives us nothing like this, just waste.  Misuse of our tax dollars for things we don’t want or need.  Just like this cop.  

For a really good analysis of this, check out the New York Times:…

WILL THE EXTRA SPENDING BE ON THINGS WE NEED? If you hire your neighbor for $100 to dig a hole in your backyard and then fill it up, and he hires you to do the same in his yard, the government statisticians report that things are improving. The economy has created two jobs, and the G.D.P. rises by $200. But it is unlikely that, having wasted all that time digging and filling, either of you is better off.

People don’t usually spend their money buying things they don’t want or need, so for private transactions, this kind of inefficient spending is not much of a problem. But the same cannot always be said of the government….

So… was it stranger that I used this police scandal to bash the Obama spending bill, or cited the NYT for economic analysis?

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