Boston Papers Question US Senate Seats, MassGOP Needs to Pray & Prepare

     As this has been a topic in the Boston papers lately, including what seemed almost to be a premature obituary in 7 parts from the Boston Globe.  I figured it was past time to engage (yet again?) in some good natured speculation and discussion as to how the MassGOP and its potential candidates prepare for the future.  The prayers need to be, not for our electoral success, but for Senator Edward Kennedy.  

    That being said, I’d like to broach the subject in a respectful, sensitive, and constructive manner.  The MassGOP needs to prepare but we all need to pray – no, not for victory in the face of tragedy – but for the health & well being of another human being.  Sure, I want a Republican US Senator but let us not be macabre.  Let us not be ghouls but goodhearted political adversaries.


    Yesterday, the Boston Herald ran a story titled “Is Vicki Kennedy ready to succeed?”  The article states that:

Sen. Ted Kennedy, wintering in an undisclosed location in Florida, may never return to the Senate, friends say, as his battle with brain cancer enters its final rounds.

“He’s very sick,” said another Kennedy associate. “He’s actually done well to get to this point.”…

    In today’s Boston Herald it is stated that:

A spokeswoman for U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy yesterday said he is “doing well” and working by telephone despite a Herald report quoting friends who say his battle with brain cancer is in its final stage.

“He may not physically be in Washington but he’s burning up the phone lines on Senate business and is keeping his staff as busy as ever,” Kennedy aide Melissa Wagoner said.

The Herald’s Inside Track column reported yesterday that sources close to the ailing senior senator say he may have only months to live and may never return to the Senate.…

    Again, I would rather defeat the Democrat incumbent at the ballot box.  Likewise, if Kennedy’s health is indeed so poor that he would have to resign the Senate then I wish him a very long, happy, and ultimately healthy retirement after battling & defeating the cancer.

    As fellow human beings we should absolutely not engage in some disgusting death watch.  Let me reiterate that my prayers for a long and healthy life are with Senator Ted Kennedy and his family.  

    As a political party our prospective candidates must always be ready to pull the proverbial trigger if a solid Democrat seat suddenly becomes open.  Are we?  Who would jump into the void?  What would be their chances for success?

     All that having been said about our senior Senator, it seems that we will not have to worry about another potentially open seat in 2014 or even earlier from Senator John Kerry.  The Boston Herald had a report in today’s edition that Kerry is planning to run again in 2014.

Sen. John F. Kerry has already filed papers pledging to seek re-election in 2014 in a move to squash speculation over his political future and stake his claim as Massachusetts’ top Capitol Hill power player.

Kerry’s name has regularly surfaced for Obama Cabinet posts but his re-election announcement, which is five years premature, sends a strong message.

He’s also ramping up his visibility locally, traveling to several Bay State communities in recent weeks. His top aides have been meeting with local officials on the stimulus package and are pledging to visit all 351 Massachusetts cities and towns this year.

With Sen. Edward M. Kennedy battling brain cancer, Kerry is poised to take on an increased leadership role on Capitol Hill. As a 25-year veteran of the Senate, Kerry chairs the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and sits on other influential committees on commerce and finance.…

    Assuming that there is no open seat, and granting that any race is 6 years away, what are the thoughts of my fellow Republican activists?

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