Bob@BMG: Stimulus bill not too big, its too small | Newt sets that notion straight

Bob, one of the editors at Blue Mass Group wrote a post on Susan Collins and her opposition to the stimulus spending bill.  In it he had the following to say.

The problem with the stimulus bill is not that it is too big, but that it is, if anything, too small. History shows very convincingly that one big stimulus program — to spur growth and change popular expectations — is the best way to break out of a recession. A series of moderate or small packages just moderate a slump: things keep getting worse.

I’ve heard a lot of things about the stimulus bill but “too small” is just not one of them.  Today I got an email from Newt Gingrich and winning solutions.  He pointed me to his YouTube video talking about the stimulus spending package.  In the email titled “This is a bad idea” Newt laid out some facts.

Among many other wasteful, non-stimulative projects, it includes $650 million for digital TV coupons, $1 billion for climate satellite and habitat restoration programs, and $600 million to replace a portion of the federal government vehicle fleet.

Here is Newt’s video:

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