Beverly GOP puts pressure on Mary Grant forces her to Respond

The Beverly Republican City Committee is showing how effective communication can drive debate.  Today while going through my Twitter feed I noticed that the Beverly Mass Gop (@beverlymassgop) caused Mary Grant to answer for her cosponsorship of a bill to raise the gas tax by $0.29/gallon.  The Salem Evening News reports:

In December and January, with $7 tolls looming, Grant co-sponsored bills to spur a dialog on transportation, including one calling for a 29-cent increase to the gas tax to 50 cents. The move was meant to wipe out tolls, pay down Big Dig debt and pay for state and local road projects.

“Yes, there is a bill that calls for that,” Grant said, “I have no idea what the correct number should be,” she said of the gas tax increase.

Grant was one of seven lawmakers who co-sponsored the bill introduced by state Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, according to a State House News Service brief on Jan. 16. State Rep. John Keenan, D-Salem, was another co-sponsor.

“When you co-sponsor legislation, you want to encourage conversation,” Grant said. “I don’t know if it’s 29 cents.”

Now that’s a cop-out if I’ve ever seen one.  You co-sponsor a bill to encourage conversation. Really wasn’t the bill already filed.  No I think you cosponsor legislation because you believe in it, then when the political heat becomes hot you make up a lame excuse.

Keep up the work Beverly GOP!  

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