Um, Um, You know, “No seat for you” Caroline Kennedy.

(You know, like, you know John F. Kennedy is, like, you know, rolling over in his, like, you know, grave…. – promoted by Cool Cal)

Late yesterday evening Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg withdrew her name as a candidate for the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Early news reports suggested she had withdrawn due to her Uncle Ted’s rather serious medical condition.  Of course that begs the question – ‘If your uncle is so sick then why doesn’t HE leave the Senate?’.  Then reports suggested that she withdrew on hearing that Gov David Paterson was chosing someone else.  But, why quit if you are not being picked?  Why not just let the process flow and allow Gov Paterson to announce the winner?  Is she too vain to allow her name to appear in the loser column?

I think the truth is in the questionnaire she was asked to fill out by Governor Paterson.  Paterson asked all intersted parties to submit personal information so that he could better judge who would fill that seat.  The questionnaire included info regarding income and other financial date.  Apparantly Caroline has things to hide.  Kudos to Governor Paterson for asking for information upfront so another Kennedy embarrassment couldn’t stain our government.

Kennedy jumped to the top of statewide polls in early December, but her public support waned following a brief upstate tour and a few press interviews. She was criticized as reluctant to answer questions, and her knowledge of New York and its issues were suspect. She was also mocked nationwide for her frequent use of “you know” and “um” in interviews and was branded a lackluster campaigner.

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