Top New Years Resolution: Find Someone to Run for Local Office

Have you made your New Years Resolution yet? Well you’re not going to keep it anyways.  Heck you may have already given up on it before noon on January 1st.  I’ve got a great resolution for you, that is both easier than the one you chose, and will help us grow the grassroots of the party.  

Find someone to run for a local office.  But EaBo you say.  How do I do that?  We all know people in our city or town that are somewhat active, with PTA, with the Boy Scouts, With Rotary, with the Church that we know is 1) a Republican and 2) would make a great local official.  Go to that person with a plan and convince them to run.  

But Eabo, I don’t know when the election in my or neighboring towns is.  Well funny you should ask, because the interns at the Massachusetts GOP have come up with a handy dandy google spreadsheet that lists every municipal election in 2009.

So you’ve got the tools you need.  Go get a candidate.  

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