This Is Rich

Obama is less than a week away from taking the oath of office and already things are not good.

Right from the git go, Eric Holder the nominee for AG is in serious trouble. It seems that Holder has a propensity to advocate for domestic terrorists and “friends of Bill” ( The Rich pardonning debacle). Great choice. Obama must have stayed awake at night on this pick.  Timothy Geithner: The tax scofflaw–or is he a tax cheat? Seems Tim had no intention of paying his taxes until he got the kiss from Barack. Pretty hard to believe. Just imagine had this been a Republican. Geithner must be a likely protege of Rangel. Neither of these two charlatans has a problem with not paying what they owe to IRS. A simple mistake?  No, it is not. Geithner also had an illegal alien  in his employ and wonder of wonders, he also “forgot” to pay her withholding, her SS and workmans comp. It’s just amazing whhat you can forget when you’re so busy. And last but not least “the socialist” Sorry—forgot her name or her nomme de guerre or whatever identity she is currently assuming in her fight for a world socialist order.  Yup—-Obama is off to a helluva start and it’s only going to get better.  

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    lol – you said “git go”

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    promised change and then proceeded to bring back most of the Clinton Administration to fill key positions.  Most, if not all, the folks he is recycling have been around for years – so what exactly is new in all this change?

  • Seaworthy

    The man will be the boss of IRS and he doesn’t pay his taxes—AND had no intention of paying the taxes. This is not broomable. This guy has got to go. You lead by example

    by SETTING THE GOOD EXAMPLY. Already Obama is building a ship that has leaks in it before it is even launched.