The Case Against Bob McGovern

After the abysmal election Repulicans had faced, we ended up asking ourselves, “What went wrong and what can we do to get credibility back to the party?”.  There are obviously many reasons why the party performed so lousy this past election year, so I will not get into it, but I’d like to give one example of what our Republican leaders should not be doing.  

State Committeeman Bob McGovern, in my opinion, has brought shame to the Republican Party.  This isn’t anything new, actually.  I just feel that this incident cannot go without being told to fellow Republicans who want to clean up the party, so it can stop functioning like the corrupt Democrat Party.

Bob McGovern has betrayed Cecilia Calabrese, a great Republican activist who is a member of our Agawam RTC, and newly elected Agawam Town Council Vice President who will be running for Mayor of Agawam.  She will be an excellent Republican Candidate to put out there, even though town elections are non-partisan.  Now you would believe as a State Committeeman and fellow member of her Agawam RTC, Bob McGovern would have supported her, no questions asked.  So I guess his definition of supporting a fellow Republican candidate is forwarding an email that Cecilia sent out to her supporters asking for them to vote for her to her Democratic opponent!

Now why would Bob McGovern a Republican State Committeeman, forward her email to the Democratic opponent?  Certainly, it wouldn’t do any good for the Republican party.  But why?  He is a fellow member of the Agawam RTC she is in!  My best guess is that he is envious of her running for Mayor because he tried to grab that seat in the past, but lost the election.

It is shameful that my State Committeeman and fellow RTC member would do such a thing out of self interest instead of what is good for the Republican Party and Cecilia Calabrese is a great candidate to support.  

Now, Bob McGovern is trying to undermine Laura Jackson’s attempt at the State Committeewoman seat by running her against a RINO.  Great, that’s all we need is more liberal Republicans to run this party.  Laura Jackson is another member of the Agawam RTC and President of the Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association(, and is an excellent conservative Republican and Constitutional activist.  If not thwarted by the chosen RINO, Laura will be an incredible State Committeewoman to bring a real and fresh perspective in order to gain membership to the party.

I am writing this post because the Massachusetts Republican Party needs to clean up its act and flush the bad seeds out.  We must not let our leaders get away with such childishness.  I feel like I am back in High School. If we let the people who “represent” us pull stunts like this, then expect more losses in future elections.  

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