Shirley Republican Town Committee Announces Endorsement For Chair MAGOP

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Let It Be Known By All

Whereas The Shirley Republican Town Committee, activist all, engaged in good will and making a difference the Republican way, through hard work and kind acts.

Whereas Our Republican Town Committee’s Executive Board has determined that that status quo of our great party in no longer an acceptable option.

Whereas Our Republican Town Committee’s Executive Board having done their due diligence in research of all three candidates vying for the office of Chairperson of our Republican Party. (We express thanks to each candidate for the courage of their convictions.)

Whereas Our Republican Town Committee Executive Board wholeheartedly agree that a victory is essential in order that our Republican Party continue to exist as a viable option for the electorate. And concur that in order to achieve a victory a Man/Woman of experience in winning as a Republican in Massachusetts is absolutely essential.

The Shirley Republican Town Committee Executive Board therefore proudly proclaims our whole hearted endorsement of;  

Mr. Joseph Manzoli                    

for Chairperson

Massachusetts Republican Party

Kendra Dumont


Shirley Republican Town Committee

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  • Whereas: Manzoli wants to hire Kahlil Byrd to lead the Republican Party against Deval Patrick.

    Whereas: One problem….

    Whereas:  Kahlil Byrd was DEVAL PATRICK’s Communications Director for his campaign!

    Whereas: He then served as DEVAL PATRICK’s Director of Gubernatorial Appointments!

    Manzoli is unqualified if he is going to make such a rookie mistake. The media would eat him alive.

    Nice guy, but Joe’s time has passed. He has lost his fast ball.  

  • I got to know Joe during the Beatty campaign.  He is tireless and a passionate campaigner, not just for Republican-sake, but for the good of our Country.

    One undeniable truth is that in order for a Republican, or any Party’s candidate, to win in Massachusetts, that candidate MUST draw the democrat vote…can’t win without it. We must stop kidding ourselves on that point.

    Joe knows how to bring the Republican message and ideals to all voters (Republicans, Democrats and Unaffiliateds)  and has the tools and hard-skills to work toward restoring a two-party system to Masschusetts.

    With all due respect to Mike Franco – I really see this Party Chair election coming down to a choice between two people:

    On the one hand, we have Jennifer Nassour.  Young, energetic, but not time-tested.  I only have 2nd and 3rd hand knowledge about Ms. Nassour, I have not had the opportunity to meet her face-to-face and look into he eyes to see what is there.

    That is not to say that I am unwilling to accept her leadership, if she wins…I will, IF she can deliver the “goods”….but – I’m looking for an experienced, proven WINNER…and that is Joe Manzoli.

    I have looked into Joe’s eyes.  I see inspiration there.  

    Joe has time-tested wisdom that we need right now in our Party Leader.

    So – I implore our State Committee members to vote for Joe Manzoli.  This is one Agawam Girl that trusts in his leadership, his experience, his passion and his endless energy to right this ship we are on.  He has a steady hand, we need that right now.