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    Politics makes strange bedfellows – and wherever you find Barney Frank you find lots of strange bedfellows – literally.  I knew Barney threw money at AIG and propped them up for a long time because his boyfriend worked there.  I wonder if he has a new boyfriend at the Boston OneUnited bank he bailed out?

    It’s not the ‘boyfriend’ thing that bothers me – rather it is that Barney has been given so many liberties to toss money around willy-nilly without proper oversight.  The guy is writing favors into the TARP legislation in order to help his pals in the banking industry.  That is despicable.

    Mr. Frank, by his own account, wrote into the TARP bill a provision specifically aimed at helping this particular home-state bank. And later, he acknowledges, he spoke to regulators urging that OneUnited be considered for a cash injection.

    Bankers, regulators and politicians complain of a secretive and opaque process for deciding which banks get cash and which don’t. The goal of aiding only banks healthy enough to lend — laid out by the Treasury when the program began — clearly seems to have shifted, but in a way that’s hard to pin down and that the Treasury has declined to explain. Part of the problem is that some powerful politicians have used their leverage to try to direct federal millions toward banks in their home states.

    I hope Barack Obama fixes this problem right away.  If America voted for change then this is one darn good place to start….

  • should be in jail for having a prostitution ring run out of his condo.

    He should have been run out of DC with the rest that were on the Fannie/Freddie take.

    ……and every time I hear him raise his incoherent lispy irate voice and attack someone that asks simple questions…..I just wanna grab him by the throat and slap the shi’ite outta him.

    “Answer (slap) the (slap) friggin’ (slap) question (slap) you (slap) moron!!!” (slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)(slap)………

    Barney IS the problem in DC….not the only one, but he is deeply rooted in the problem.