Obama Indoctrination By Public Schools and Media

‘Everybody’s feeling it’: Area schools take on Obama inauguration with gusto

NORTHAMPTON – Anticipation for Tuesday’s inauguration of Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th president has reached a fever pitch. The historical aspect is undeniable: the country’s first black president 140 years after the abolition of slavery; a liberal Democrat taking office in the midst of unpopular war; a resounding symbol of hope poking through the depths of recession and despair like the first crocus of spring. And area schools are seizing the moment as a way to bring history and history-in-the-making to life….


I wasn’t really sure which angle to take here.  The liberal media bias is so insanely over the top, even Obama’s campaign might be ashamed to use.  This was not an editorial either.  This is straight “objective news.”  I guess when you have a “crush on Obama” it’s no different than any other “crush.”  Objectivity goes out the window as they refuse to see the truth when it differs from what their artificial projections.

Of course, what this “objective news story” is actually about is how the public schools are gearing up to indoctrinate elementary school kids.  Barak Obama will go down in history as the greatest President ever before he’s even sworn in.  Teaching history before it happens.

I shouldn’t be surprised when I see this stuff, yet I always am.

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