New Bedford GOP Endorses Jennifer Nassour

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     I was pleasantly surprised to discover this in my email inbox this morning.

New Bedford Republican Party

January 17, 2009

  The New Bedford Republican Party is pleased to offer its endorsement of Ms. Jennifer Nassour to the post of Chairperson of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

  New Bedford Republicans enjoyed the opportunity to meet with Ms. Nassour in December, 2008, and to learn about her plan for the direction of the MassGOP and the Republican Party in general. Ms. Nassour’s plan for the development of grassroots efforts, mobilization of statewide activists and aggressive fundraising make her an ideal candidate to re-focus our Party for the next two years.

  Ms. Nassour, 37, comes from a blue-collar, working-class background. She has been active in GOP efforts since her formative years, and has always put the Party first. Ms. Nassour has been familiar with grassroots efforts at the city, county and regional levels. Ms. Nassour most recently served as the finance director for the Dan Grabauskas (R) for Treasurer Campaign, raising several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Ms. Nassour’s youth and energy may play a vital role in enhancing the relationships between the MassGOP and its farm-team of activists statewide. Ms. Nassour’s experience in working with Republicans from each level will be a critical component of her ability to shape and enhance our message moving forward. Ms. Nassour believes in strong collaboration, and most importantly, a bottom-up philosophy with local and regional committees providing the foundation for a strong, and rejuvenated Massachusetts Republican Party.

    For more information about Ms. Nassour, please visit her campaign website:

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Pierce, chairman

Ryan Dixon, vice-chairman

2008 – 2010 Executive Board

Nathan Pierce, chairman

Ryan Dixon, vice-chairman

Jennifer Ventura, secretary

Robert Morris, treasurer

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