Nassour hits ground running, slams Gov. Patrick on Taxes & Spending.

Good to see Madam Chairwoman coming out swinging on Day One!

Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Jennifer Nassour made the

following statement today in response to Governor Patrick’s proposed

budget cuts and increased taxes:

MassGOP Chair Jennifer Nassour said, “Governor Patrick ran on the platform of reform, but instead he’s giving

Massachusetts families tax increases that will strangle the economy and

budget cuts that will hurt families. With unemployment nearly 7 percent

and 17,000 people laid off last month, the absolute last thing we need

is to increase taxes.

“Governor Patrick has done nothing to change the culture of corruption

and greed in a government dominated by his political party. To balance

the state budget, we need the Democrats to swallow some tough medicine

like pension reform and lowering health care costs for local

governments. Until that happens, families will continue to suffer under

the Patrick Administration,” concluded Nassour.

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