Let’s Put Aside ‘Partisan Politics’ Kumbaya

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For those who had hope that an invigorated Brad Jones would fight the good fight, I can only raise a pint and lament alongside ye.


Sometimes, partisan politics needs to be put aside, and as we prepare for the inauguration of President- Elect Barack Obama, I can’t think of a better time to do just that. – Brad Jones

Is he kidding?  This could’ve easily been posted on Blue Mass Group.  The only thing he forgot to add was something about gender identity.

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About Dr. Jones

  • In my lifetime, African-Americans were forced to sit in the back of buses, drink from separate water fountains and were the victims of segregation. Slowly over the years, barriers were broken down and this year, we will swear in our first African-American President. It will be a moment in history that we should all appreciate and remember.

  • Which is: Jones is supposed to rally the opposition. He is not responsible for segregated water fountains, back of the bus, or conflict in the Kashmir. One can only hope he(Jones) will become more focused from January 21,2009 forward.

  • I think to jump over Jones for this is silly. There is a time for the red meat and a time to tip your hat to the opposition. What will happen on Tuesday is historic even if we didn’t vote for the guy.  Besides, this is Massachusetts and being hard line all the time isn’t going to attract the independents and democrats which are needed to cross over for GOP candidates to win.  

    Show some class and respect the office of President. That’s all Jones did. Nothing more and nothing less. There will be plenty of time for him and the rest of us to question and disagree with Obama later.  

  •      I suppose you’ll hate my opinion on the Inauguration.  What can I say, I prefer to kill them with kindness on occasion and try to be a class act rather than simply a sore loser.

        As a Massachusetts Republican Party State Committeeman and McCain-Palin County Coordinator it should come as no surprise that I did not vote for President-elect Barack Obama.  Here is a draft of a possible letter to the editor.

        That said I want to congratulate our incoming president.  I wish both him and our country all the best over the next four years.  America has turned a fresh page in our history book with a historic election.  The United States is a wonderful country where we can disagree profoundly yet move forward together.  

        I have no intentions of becoming a Democrat any time soon nor will I stop striving to build the MassGOP here in the SouthCoast.  I am proud to be a conservative Republican and I eagerly anticipate a resurgent party, through plenty of hard work by our great activists, becoming the majority once again.  I will not cease to advocate for those principles that my party and I hold dear.  That certainly includes holding President Obama accountable to the fullest extent possible during the coming years.      

        However, there will be plenty of time to fight over policy differences but as Inauguration Day nears let us temporarily suspend our partisanship and unite together as Americans.

        I would have preferred that John McCain were taking the Oath of Office however the GOP lives to fight another day.  Mr. Obama, welcome to the White House.  May your time there be filled with peace and prosperity, for you and for us all.  God bless America!  

  • I am a proud American before I am a Republican. The election is over and although we did not win the presidency, I respect the office of the President. Elections determine a winner and a loser – whether it be President or House Minority Leader. It appears to me that there is a bit of confusion on what happens when loss becomes a reality. As I see it, we should come together and work to build the Republican Party instead of reliving the past.