Lawmakers – 1,000 Great Places Commission?!?! WTF!

(Perhaps they are going with the Who’s Who in Massachusetts approach.  You know those books that throw you in them so you’ll buy it for $150.00.  The only people who buy the books are the people in them.  See it’s nice you’re named one of a thousand.  Now you owe us $1000 for “promotion” and $5000 for a “historical marker” get it.  This could be a great idea. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)…

Can you think of 25 great places in Massachusetts? Probably. But how about 1,000?

State lawmakers say it can be done, and they want to establish a commission that would anoint 1,000 attractions across Massachusetts as official “Great Places.” Brainstorming has already produced some ideas.

What the heck is going on?  I thought we had an economic crisis?  I thought we had state senators being arrested.  I thought we had problems in the state and we had to tighten up our belt, and we waste time on this crap?

But just as the state budget gets larded up with pork, there would be something for everyone. A thousand is enough to give each of the state’s 351 towns nearly three great places. Put another way, there would be one great place in every 10 square miles of the state.


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